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Antorus Raid

by Vivyana CBC, 126 days ago

Hello everyone!  Happy to let everyone know that we are 5/11 in the Antorus Normal raid!  Way to go! Currently we are #28 in the realm!  Let's keep pushing!

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Tomb of Sargeras - Heroic

by Vivyana CBC, 162 days ago

It's really awesome that we've been able to get to the 3rd boss in the Heroic version of Tomb of Sargeras.  Here's a link to some videos that may be able to assist us with understanding the fights more.  Thank you Woleon and Dez for suggesting FatBoss videos.  You can choose to look at any of the videos, but for our next ToS Heroic raid, please watch specifically the first 3 bosses: Goroth, Harjatan and Mistress Sassz'ine.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a raid leader (Woleon, Dez or Vivy) or any of the officers.

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Trial of Valor (Heroic)

by Vivyana CBC, 246 days ago

Congrats to the guild Progression Team who brought down Helya for our Guild First Heroic Trial of Valor! Thanks you guys for all the hard work and working through the mechanics and difficulties that came with the raid.  You were all amazing!  

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Mythic Keystone Nights!

by Vivyana CBC, 257 days ago

Hello Champions!


We will be running mythic keystones on Wednesday 8/9 and Friday 8/11 for any toons that need to either get a key or use a key for their class hall chests.  

Please don't hesitate to sign up any and all toons that may need keys.  

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Mythic Raid Team

by Dezarayne, 263 days ago

We are considering the possibility of creating a Mythic Raid Team. In order to determine how much interest we have, please open this post and answer the included poll.

*Please keep in mind that the initial team will be relatively small at first (probably 12-15 players), but will grow over time. Mythic Raids are the hardest content in the game, so being part of a Mythic Raid Team will require a commitment of time and resources, and certain demands and expectations will be placed on team members. So, this team will not be able to afford the same casual environment as our typical guild raids.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Pady, Bea, or an officer.


Edit, 8/4:

Unfortunately, I am unable to see who specifically responded with interest in the Mythic Raid Team poll. As a result, I am going to have to ask, if you are interested in joining the Mythic Raid Team, then please respond to the forum post with the name of the toon you would be interested in raiding on, as well as your preferred raid window, in addition to voting in the poll. Please only respond to the post with this info if you are voting "I would be interested."

Sorry for the confusion.






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Heroic Emerald Nightmare-Friday 8/4

by Paressia, 264 days ago

Heroic Emerald Nightmare Friday 8/4 at 8 server. This will be the final heroic before the mythic Emerald Nightmare the following week. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for boss videos. Hope to see you there!

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by Vivyana CBC, 266 days ago

Our Facebook page is active! 

or just search for Celtic Blue Champions. Join and bring your screenshots with you!

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